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Hi! I’m Sheila…

Hey, ya’ll!  I’m Sheila!

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I am so glad you have come to visit my new blog.  😀

My blog is for anyone and everyone to learn more about Disney.  It will have awesome stuff such as dining reviews, news, promotions/discounts, and more!

Why am I blogging about Disney?  There are already so many Disney sites out there…why should you read mine?

I’m glad you asked!

I am an agent for Magical Moments Vacations, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency.

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This is totally my DREAM job.  I am a natural-born planner and am a little obsessed with it.  My family and I love to travel…probably because my first official “trip” (other than the 20 mile drive to my grandparent’s house when I was young) wasn’t until I was 13 when I went to Six Flags with my church youth group…And my most favorite trip in the whole wide world is the THE WORLD of Disney. 🙂  My first Disney trip was on my honeymoon in 2000 and I am always working on planning the next one!

So…when I was presented with the opportunity to put all of my obsessions together into one dream job, I jumped on it!  And the cherry on top?  It’s all FREE FREE FREE to you, the client.  Yes…free.  No hidden costs at all!  You get the same discounts and deals that any other person would get doing it on their own.

I know Disney trips take alot of planning and saving, so I don’t expect to help everyone out right away. But I want to be a wonderful resource to you and your friends, family, and coworkers as you dream and discuss your own Disney wishes!

So, let’s get started! I’m here to answer your questions and, when you are ready, plan your next Disney vacation with you!  Who’s in?

Making Memories One Day at a Time!

Making Memories One Day at a Time!

Our family as we are leaving the Magic Kingdom on our last day of vacation on May 17, 2013. This was my husband’s 8th trip, my 6th trip, my 11 year old son’s 5th trip, and the girls’ (6 and 8) 3rd trip.