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I know there are top 10 lists for Disney food all over the internet… So I’m following the crowd. 🙂 I thought I’d post my TOP 10 Table Service Restaurants.  Some people don’t see why dining is necessary at Disney, but I am now a firm believer that Dining is a must-do experience if you are able! Sadly, we haven’t had the opportunity to eat at more than 5 at a time, so we’ve only had 15 meals to speak of. 😦  So…I’ve included a Top 10 “Can’t Wait” list, too. 🙂


10. CHEF MICKEY’S at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

This place is so popular with my clients. We had it for breakfast and it was alot of fun!  Very colorful and energetic.

9. 1900 PARK FARE at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

We went here for the Wonderland Breakfast. We had alot of fun meeting Mad Hatter, Alice, and Mary Poppins, even!


I have eaten here twice – once in 2000 on my honeymoon, and once in 2002 with my 6 month old, husband, parents, and sister.  Both times, we walked up to be seated with no reservation. That is rare nowadays!  I know we ate for lunch or dinner each time, but I don’t remember much more about it other than it’s a great experience to eat in a castle!  We plan on trying for a coveted breakfast reservation for this year to take our girls for their first time!


This is a WONDERFUL alternative to Cinderella’s Royal Table.  There are princesses EVERYWHERE!  We went for breakfast and had a great time walking to our reservation before rope drop!



It’s been a LONG time since we have enjoyed this (2003, I believe), but the atmosphere and food were wonderful!

5. SPIRIT OF ALOHA DINNER SHOW at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

If you read my Top 10 Attractions list the other day, you know that I love culture. This show has SO much culture in it!  I loved the fire shows, the dancing, everything!  And Polynesian food is full of sweetness…of the two dinner shows we have done, this is by far our favorite!

4. 50S PRIME TIME CAFE at Hollywood Studios

I love home-cooked comfort food, so this was a great option for us. I also love the simple-ness of the “past” so the 50s kitchen atmosphere is perfect here.  I look forward to dining here again someday, after I’ve tried the 3 other restaurants I haven’t had yet!


Mmmm.  We ate here way back in 2008 and it was unforgettable. I love aquariums and sea life. The aquarium wall had me in a trance most of the time, and I loved it when the diver came up to the window with a message for one of the guests!  The food was excellent, as was the service.  It was an “unforgettable” kind of meal.


It’s REALLY hard to enjoy a steak. I like them well done. No pink at all. BUT…I also like it juicy and “chewable.”  Most places just don’t get it right for me.  This place, though, we perfect. Yum!  I also loved the cheese soup, the pretzel bread, and the Glow-Tini. 😉  My family is begging me to go back here this fall. I am having a hard time saying no…

Glowtini at LeCellier

Glowtini at LeCellier

Bread Plate at Le Cellier (Pretzel bread is DELISH!)

Bread Plate at Le Cellier (Pretzel bread is DELISH!)

Cheese Soup at LeCellier WOW

Cheese Soup at LeCellier WOW

1. LIBERTY TREE TAVERN at Magic Kingdom

We ate here for dinner – family style – and enjoyed every. single. bite.  Everything from the salads to the dessert was wonderful.  In fact, it was our “last meal” before leaving the next day, and I am so thankful because it left us with a great taste!  LOL I want to try it for lunch, too, but it will be hard to not go back for dinner!  🙂

The salad at Liberty Tree Tavern dinner

The salad at Liberty Tree Tavern dinner

The mugs at Liberty Tree Tavern

The mugs at Liberty Tree Tavern


I read alot of reviews for dining, and am choosing between these for our next trip!

10. MICKEY’S BACKYARD BBQ at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Disney has 3 Dinner Shows.  We have been to the other 2 (Spirit of Aloha and Hoop-Dee-Do Musical Revue), so I’d like to “even out” the score. 😉  This one is outside, picnic-style, but I don’t want to go in the fall…we had our share of mosquitoes at Hoop-Dee-Do in September…lol

9. WHISPERING CANYON CAFE AT Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

I love to laugh. I love joking around with people. So I’d like to eat here and see how the waitstaff are when our neighboring table asks for ketchup. 😉

8. CALIFORNIA GRILL at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

I do have a taste for fine dining, and the recent updates to this restaurant have my interests peaked.  I don’t think I want to take the kids, though…


I have WAY too many places I want to try at EPCOT.  The top picks, for now, are Via Napoli, Biergarten, Teppan Edo, La Hacienda, and Rose & Crown.  Once I get those out of the way, I want to do all the others, too!

6. BE OUR GUEST at Magic Kingdom

It’s all about the experience. 🙂

5. OHANA at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

I love Bread Pudding. I hear Ohana’s is the place to go…

4. KONA CAFE at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

The waiter at Crystal Palace told us that Kona Cafe is the #1 Breakfast spot in all of Disney World.  I really really really want to try the Tonga Toast.  🙂


I love me some Black Gospel choir music.  I was saved to this type of music. 🙂  My kids are well versed in it, too. LOL  So, I REALLY want to go to the Kirk Franklin’s Gospel Brunch here on a Sunday someday.  Like, BAD.

2. RAGLAN ROAD at Downtown Disney

I love Bennigan’s, but they pulled out of my city a decade ago.  I also love Irish dancing.  Put the two together, and I picture some very entertaining meals at Raglan Road!

1. YACHTSMAN STEAKHOUSE at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Yes, I want to see if this one is as good as Le Cellier.  I have heard wonderful things, and hope I can talk the family into this one instead of Le Cellier this fall (although I think I’m losing the battle…)


So, what is your favorite table service restaurant at Disney?  Any recommendations?

The Pirates League or Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?


We love all the “extra” experiences Disney offers…even if it is at a price!  For my daughter’s 8th birthday, we gave her the option of participating in The Pirates League or Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  I wasn’t the least bit surprised when she chose to be a Pirate Empress!  My son (who was 10 at the time) was all about Pirates of the Caribbean, and she wanted to be just like her brother in as many ways as is possible for a “girl.”

It was so much fun!  We had a 9:00 am appointment, and you know what that means!  We got early entry into the park!!!  If you have never done that, you MUST. It’s an amazing magical feeling to walk down Main Street USA with NO one around you.  We arrived at the entrance to Adventureland and were stopped by a rope…but the cast members there were “pirates” who kept us very entertained with some very bad jokes!


Once we were allowed to go to The Pirates League, we checked in and the kids had a great time choosing their pirate names.  Once in the chairs, the cast members REALLY played the part well, gearing the kids up to be the best pirates ever.  My kids (and my husband and I, too!) laughed and laughed.  After their transformation was complete, they were made to say the pirate oath and were taken into a secret treasure room for their awesome souvenirs!  There is alot more to this experience, but I would DEFINITELY do it again and again.  It’s so amazing!

Spinning the wheel to determine her pirate name!

Spinning the wheel to determine her pirate name!

Our next trip to WDW was for my youngest daughter’s 6th birthday, so we decided to give Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique a try.  We arrived at the Magic Kingdom location for our appointment and the girls were treated like royalty. We went with the middle package that includes hair, makeup, and nails, but not dresses. (There is also a package for boys, but my 11 year old was not even remotely interested.)


The girls had a great time here, too!  But, surprisingly, I think we ALL enjoyed The Pirates League better!

Someday, I’d like to get us in for a $5 glitter ponytail or mohawk at Harmony Barber Shop.  Until then, we have some great memories!!!  Have you done either of the three?  What is your favorite?

As always, if you’d like more information on this attraction or any other, contact us!  We’d love to help. 🙂


Submitted by Sheila Nowell

Taking Time To Invest in YOURSELF


So, we all know that going on a vacation is a “benefit.”  Not everyone has the time, money, or even the desire to go on a trip!  Growing up, the furthest my family ever went was about 30 miles from home to visit my grandparents. We NEVER EVER went on a family vacation. I think that may be part of the reason why I am so “hooked” on travel today.  I can remember the very first time I traveled past that 30 mile mark…I went with my church youth group to Six Flags in St. Louis.  I was so overcome with emotion when we crossed from Illinois into Missouri that I cried…and I was only 12 years old at the time!  This adventure turned into MANY adventures.  I went on every youth group or church trip I could. And every. single. trip. was equally as exciting as I crossed over each new state border and experienced the different landscapes, cultures, sites, and sounds.

As a travel agent, my #1 goal is to help my clients have those same feelings while they are on their trip.  For some, going on vacation is driving an hour away to a local water park…and this may be the ONLY trip they take in a year.  To others, it’s a flight across country to visit family, or maybe it’s *gasp* the trip to a Disney Theme Park or a Disney Cruise.  No matter how much the cost of the trip or the length of the trip, each getaway should be treated the same – it should be well planned out, researched, and executed.  When you invest money into a trip, you are investing that money into YOU.  You will make memories for yourself and/or your family that will, undoubtedly, last a lifetime.

I remember almost every single trip I have ever taken.  I can remember what people said on the trip, what sites I saw, which rides or slides I did…and remembering these things absolutely puts my mind in that “happy place.”  Part of the reason for this is because “most” trips went flawlessly.  I researched the hotels to make sure they had good reviews. I price-shopped to make sure I was getting the best prices for my/our needs. I spent many hours (sometimes DAYS) researching rides and slides, height requirements, crowd levels, maps, and more to make sure I was armed with as much information as possible to make my/our trips perfect.

Yes, there were times when bad things happened. Some things CAN’T be perfect.  Weather is definitely a factor.  I learned to “go with the flow” and figure out something else to do when weather ruined plans.  Sometimes a ride I really wanted to ride was shut down.  Yes, this is absolutely disappointing!  Other times, there was so much road construction, we arrived very late and had to miss some plans.  Or we get to a hotel that is rated great only to be disappointed in the rooms or service.

However…I have learned to look at life optimistically!  Yes, bad things happen. We have to counteract those bad things by thinking of what we can do to change that! And other times, we just have to realize it was a bad deal and move on.

Funny story…my husband and I were supposed to leave on our honeymoon flight to Florida around 10:00 am. We were on our way to the airport and realized that we were very much out of gas.  I actually forgot, at the age of 22, to fill the car with gas amidst all the wedding festivities in the days prior.  It happens.  We arrived at the airport about 30 minutes early only to discover that they had sold our seats on the plane, and that the next flight wouldn’t leave until about 4 pm that afternoon.  Yes, we were disappointed…but we decided to go shopping!  We opened all of our cards from the wedding and just enjoyed being a married couple walking around the mall.  We boarded our flight that afternoon and arrived at the next airport where our “short” layover turned into a very very LONG layover.  We didn’t arrive in Orlando until around midnight.  Oddly enough, we were still pretty happy…until we got through the rental car process.  We were given a car that, upon driving it off the lot, was squealing and sounded like it was going to fall apart.  I snapped. I drove right back to the check out counter and, in all my exhaustion, demanded a different car.  I think I must have scared the poor check out clerk…which is hard to believe because I am a very calm and even keeled person…because he promptly gave me the keys to a BRAND NEW Buick Park Avenue with only 2 miles on it.  I LOVED the car, and we drove the 20 miles from the airport to the vacation home we had reserved.  Our first full day of our honeymoon was not at all what we had planned. We spent much of the day in airports and rental car places, and didn’t get to the house until 2:00 a.m.  And you know what?  I REMEMBER that.

Memories can be good and bad. I prefer to have more good than bad.  🙂

Make good memories for yourself.  You only live once…enjoy all that God has to offer us…the sights, the sounds, the beauty!  Take time to invest money into YOU…not your house, not your car, not your hobbies…put some money and time aside to make memories on a trip!  You’ll thank me for it. 🙂

Submitted By:

Sheila Nowell, Travel Consultant
(309) 261-0494

TOP 10 Disney World Must-Dos by Shane Nowell

Shane’s Top 10 Must Do List – Walt Disney World Florida

1. Splash Mountain, Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain, located at the Magic Kingdom, became a family favorite from the very first time. There is something for everyone on this ride, whether it is the 5-story plunge down the mountain or the colorful scenes and sounds, this ride will be your family’s favorite too! Be sure to fast pass this ride during peak season as it is a Disney favorite among park goers, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing one of Disney’s best rides.

2. Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom

For thrill seekers like me, Expedition Everest is a must do, even my 6-year old cannot wait to do it again. Be sure to watch out for the Yeti!

3. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Hollywood Studios

Kicking Aerosmith tunes, a blasting takeoff, and … in the dark? Yep, a must do!

4. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Hollywood Studios

This is not just a ride, but an experience; The cast members bring this haunted hotel to life.  Hold on to your seat, maybe your kids too, the drop is a killer!

5. Toy Story Midway Mania!, Hollywood Studios

A must do family attraction featuring your favorite Toy Story characters, and big screen digital midway gaming. This is another to be sure and fast pass, though, as the waits can be HOURS long!

6. Festival of the Lion King, Animal Kingdom

Looking for an immersive experience  while taking in one of Disney’s best shows? Then head to the Festival of the Lion King, and you might just become part of the show! Stunts, music, songs, characters….Hakuna Matata!


7. Le Cellier Steakhouse – Epcot Canada

For steak lovers like me, head to Le Cellier Steakhouse. The service is top notch, the food is magnificent, and the steaks are fall out of your seat unbelievable! Be sure to plan ahead by looking over the menu before you go to avoid sticker shock.

8. Spirit of Aloha Dinner show, Polynesian Resort

Hula dancing, Fire dancing, Hawaiian Leis, a great show, and mouth watering food! I can’t wait to do it again!

9. World Showcase at Epcot

Stroll through the world in an afternoon, and munch on some FOOD! One of the best ways to experience Epcot’s World Showcase is to eat around the world. As you stroll along be sure to walk in and out of the market areas to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and goodies from each country.


10. Kali River Rapids, Animal Kingdom

Need to cool off? … In the mood to get wet? … Need I say more?

Are you ready for your next trip to WDW?  Get in touch with Shane!  He can be reached at or 309-261-0125!

TOP 10 “MUST DO” LIST AT DISNEY by Beverly Braunsdorf

Hey guys! Beverly here. Sheila asked me to do a post about my Disney top ten list. I first thought to my self… Pick only ten things? How? After lots of thought I finally made my list and here it is for you guys to read. I hope you enjoy my list, and hopefully I help you put a few new items on your must do list!

10: Monsters Inc. laugh Floor. My daughters love these cute and lovable monsters so when we saw the sign for this show we all knew we had to try it. I am so glad we did; we texted in our joke, (What do you call fake noodles? Impasta! lol I know, so funny!) and they used it in the show…. Warning! After seeing this show, hearing the phrase “that guy” will never be the same… I still smile every time!

9: The Mad Tea Party (the tea cups): So, I don’t know if it is just Disney nostalgia or my own childhood ideas of Disney. My first trip, outside of my childhood imagination, was not until I was 26 years old. You can imagine how many times I would spin the tea cups like crazy in my daydreams, so seeing my kids spin for the first time is something I will remember forever!


8: Enchanted Tales with Belle: This is an interactive play where you get to be a star alongside Belle! It is an amazing experience especially for any Beauty and the Beast fans.


7: Ariel’s Grotto (meet and greet): As a child I would watch The Little Mermaid (on VHS mind you) about 5 times everyday… It was, and still is, my favorite Disney movie. I first met Ariel as a princess with her dress and feet and that was all well and good, but when I (yes as a GROWN WOMAN) met Ariel with her fin, tears wailed up in my eyes, and I got butterflies in my tummy and I almost could not speak… It was amazing!!!

6: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage in Hollywood Studios. This show is what I would imagine and actual Broadway show to be like. It is like being right there in France with Belle, Gaston, Beast and all the enchanted dishes. So cool…a definite must see!

5: Animation Academy: in a tiny little studio ( no kidding, I think it is room for 30 people only) tucked way behind everything in Hollywood Studios is this little gold nugget. This is a 30 min show where an actual Disney animator teaches you the secrets of how to draw Disney characters. So fun! If you have an artist or someone who wants to be an artist in you family, you must not miss this!

4: Pick a Pearl: Located inside a store in the Japan Pavilion in the World Showcase at Epcot. I cannot begin to explain the excitement of this experience!! My daughters both took part in Pick A Pearl on our last trip… It started off so quiet and simple where you try to pick the perfect oyster from one of these 2 tanks on either side of the counter. After you pick the oyster, the fun begins… They really make a big deal for every single person doing this!! It is so cool… It is less than $20 so if you are at Epcot, don’t miss out!

3: Splash Mountain: Ok, so after reading the rest of my list, you may have gathered that I am not much of a thrill junkie… But man oh man do I LOVE Splash Mountain!!! On our first trip we rode splash mountain about 10 times… And sadly, on our most recent trip, it was closed for refurbishment… So I am excited to ride again on our next trip.

2: The Norway Pavilion. I needed a place showcase Akershus (my favorite Disney Restaurant), Maelstrom (my favorite ride/show in the World Showcase) and the Elsa & Anna Meet and Greet (my favorite Epcot meet and greet)!! So, yes, technically it is not ONE thing, but I am a rebel when it comes to Disney – I do what I want!


1: Celebrate the Magic/ Wishes/ The Electrical Parade… Looking back, I could have just went with Magic Kingdom after dark, but in sticking with my rebellious side from the previous post, I am going to talk about all 3 right here in my number 1 spot!!! So here goes…I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Celebrate the Magic castle show… It is simply amazing!!! Secondly Wishes, oh how I love Wishes…. So beautiful! And finally, the Electrical Parade… This is so cool… Light up the night with lit parade floats… These 3 things should be on your list if you will be at Magic Kingdom!
Thanks so much for reading my post, and watch for my next post where I post my “Top 10 List for Each Park.” Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed my post. I can’t wait to get some feedback from you guys!!


I did a post recently with my favorite Pixar movies.  That was really easy! I’ve been a fan of Pixar since day 1.  Coming up with my favorite Disney animated films is a little harder, and I just couldn’t leave some off the list…hence 15 instead of 10.  My list below is a good reflection of “me” – a girl born in the late 70s who had a great 80s and 90s childhood.  Enjoy!


So, the movies below (#1-14) were easily on my list. I wanted to have 15, so I scoured my “list” and this is the only one that stuck out for a 15th (although Fantasia 2000 was close).  Peter Pan is a classic.  Which is why I just ordered it from Disney Movie Club.  😉  Plus, I’m a sucker for British accents…


I love history.  I love Indians and hate how they were treated when Americans took over the land. 😦  I’m glad Pocahontas is a Disney princess. Oh, and I love willow trees, so that just adds to the love here!


Stitch is just plain cute. And I love Hawaii.  🙂 And Experiment 626 has a nice ring to it…


Although it was released in 1998, I JUST saw this for the first time in 2013!  I was blown away by how much I LOVED the movie, too!  I’ve watched it twice since then already. 🙂


Such awesome memories watching this in the 80s, and I’m so excited that it’s going to be re-released again this year so I can own it!  Lady is the name I gave my cat…because I wanted a cocker spaniel but am terribly allergic to them. 😦


Another great movie…it goes along with my love of culture…the African safari, the animals in their natural habitat…and the SONGS…love Elton John songs. 😉


A Whole New World was one of the songs in our wedding. 🙂  A great movie about the poor and the rich.  I could do without Jafar becoming an all-powerful sorcerer in the end, though – too devilish for me.


My mom tells me all the time how she took me to see this movie and I cried and cried.  So, I just looked, and it was released in 1981…I would have been 3.  I showed it to my girls for the first time in 2013, and my then-5 year old cried like a baby.  It touched my heart…  That song, “When Your The Best of Friends” is a wonderful song.


I know for  a fact that I was in 6th grade when this movie came out, because our teacher (Mr. Tessendorf) sat on his chair on wheels and went around the classroom singing the soundtrack to us all day long.  Thinking back, I suppose him singing “Kiss The Girl” to a bunch of 6th graders is kind of creepy, but at the time, it was pretty awesome!  LOL I am so happy to own it on Blu Ray now!


Such a cute movie. I love the colors and songs and everything about this movie!  And I guess I can blame her for having a hidden desire to whack someone over the head with a frying pan…  And those lanterns…amazing!


Another iconic movie with beautiful songs in it!  Belle and I have so much in common…book worms, family importance, and doing what is right…yup, I’m Belle in a commoner’s body.  I took a “Which Disney Princess Are You?” Quiz lately, and it confirmed it.


These all came out when my youngest was 18 months and we were at Disney World for her first time.  We bought the movie AT Disney!  I love all of the subsequent ones that have come out, too.  The Fairies of Pixie Hollow are beautiful little creatures full of life and color!


I LOVED this movie, and I believe Tiana is my favorite princess right now (although Anna from Frozen is pretty close!).  I’ve been to the bayou of Louisiana for the wedding of my husband’s cousin, and her Cajun LA roots are now here in town with us.  In fact, they lived with us for a few months, so we really got immersed in the accent and the food!  In addition, our family of 5 has stayed at Port Orleans Riverside at Disney twice now, and we have really taken a liking to the view.  🙂  I love how that hard-working girl achieves her dreams!


I’m bad. And that’s good. And I’ll never be good. And that’s not bad.  LOL  This movie is full of memories of old video games, and full of BEAUTIFUL colors and that sweet little girl, Venelope Von Schweetz.


What can I say?  It was a wonderful movie, and I just can’t let it go.  I think they may have modeled Anna off of me without me knowing it.  Right down to the freckles…she’s amazing!


My goal for my upcoming Disney trip is to get the autographs of as many of the characters above as possible…an impossible feat, I’m sure. 🙂   I realize Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland didn’t make the list.  I actually kind of thought about putting Cinderella in #15…. What’s your favorite Disney movie?


So, there are 14 Disney Pixar movies out so far. I love every single one of them.  I really do!  Here’s my personal Top 10 Pixar movies list. Enjoy!



I have a bad habit of lumping things together in the Top 10 lists, don’t I?  Well, I love Toy Story movies.  Toy Story 1 was the FIRST Pixar release, and it is what had me “hooked.”  Plus, Toy Story 2 and Toy  Story 3 don’t mean anything without Toy Story 1, right?  I love Toy Story 2 because I LOVE cowboys and anything country. So, even though Jessie is a “girl,” she represents something I would love to be. And Toy Story 3…really?  Who DIDN’T cry at the end of that movie?  Ugh…like, the UGLY cry.


Cars was released in 2006 when my son was 4 1/2…the PERFECT time for a little boy to fall in love with the movie. His love of the movie became my love, too.  We even decorated his room in Cars…and he loved it until he was 7.  Then, he became “too old” for it (in his words) and switched to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.  Oh well…  Cars 2 wasn’t nearly as good…or as memorable…except for Mater and the Wasabi…


Honestly, I had NO clue that Brave was a Pixar movie. LOL!  But I enjoyed the Irish accents throughout, and watch it just to listen to it. LOL


This was such a cute movie!  The hype leading up to it was occurring right as I became a Disney Travel Agent, so I became immersed and “sucked in” with everyone else.  Still, as most “part 2” movies are, it wasn’t as good as the first!


Love love love.  Boo was the cutest little thing ever!  And the idea of monsters being scared to death of a 2 year old little girl is quite ingenious.

5. UP

I admit…the first time I watched this movie, I was so disappointed.  It was so…well…sad, and depressing.  But, 2 years later, we made ourselves watch it again…and LOVED it.  I love the love story, I love Kevin (the bird) and Dug (the dog). I love Carl Frederickson, too, because he stood for his love. He fought to keep what was his.  He is my Pixar hero. 🙂


I can’t say that without saying it like a robot ….waaaaaallll- e.  🙂  I like the nostalgia on Earth, and the love story between Wall-E and Eve (again, Eeeee eeee vaaaaaahhhh). I also like the eye opening reality of where the world could be headed if it stays the way it is…no face to face contact, no physical activity, no “green” space… it’s sad to think of it.


The best super hero movie ever made.  Who cares if it’s a cartoon  Every girl wants to be Elasti-Girl or Violet, and every boy wants to be Mr. Incredible or Dash.  Seriously!  I hope they make a part 2 (did I just say that?) to show off Jack Jack…


Ah…this one is hard to explain.  I love to cook. I love new recipes. I love fine dining. I love that cooking is an “art.”  And I love the french accent (my hubby took 6 years of French…enough said).  This movie feels classy all around, and made me love…dare I say it…rats!?!


Yes…it’s at the top of the list.  The colors and the sound of the ocean make me feel a strange peace every time I watch it.  I can recite this movie almost word for word.  And P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney…it really exists!?!


So, the only movie NOT on this list in some way is A Bug’s Life…and honestly, I have seen it, but only once.  I need to rent it and watch it again soon.  I’m sure it wasn’t a “bad” movie…because the “It’s Tough To Be A Bug” attraction at Disney World is awesome. LOL

What’s your favorite Pixar movie?

Top 10 Must Dos at Walt Disney World, by Sheila Nowell

I was reading another blog today (The WDW Blog!)  and it made me antsy to do my own Top 10 lists. 🙂  Coming up with this list is MUCH harder than you think.  I’ve been 6 times now, but have “planned” DOZENS of unique trips for my clients based on THEIR preferences.  So, I also have a Top 10 list of attractions that I can’t wait to try when we travel this October.  I would LOVE for my readers to share their favorites with me, too!

Top 10 MUST DOS for ME at Walt Disney World:


Finding Nemo is possibly my favorite Pixar movie, or at least in the Top 3!  The colors are so vivid and the sound of the ocean is so calming and peaceful…ahhh….so I LOVE going to the Seas Pavilion at EPCOT to see the aquariums, eat at Coral Reef, etc.  I really love this particular attraction, though.  Crush is on a screen and actually talks to an interacts with the kids/audience the entire time.  He makes awesome facial expressions. I’ll never forget when he brought out a bikini top and asked the audience what it was…a little boy yelled out “BRA!” and Crush raised his eyes really big and shook his head.  It was so funny.  Ok, and I also have a special place for turtles…which you will see soon when our new logo is done!


Hmm…is choosing an entire “land” at Disney allowed?  Well, since it’s my post, I make the rules. LOL!  Seriously, I love culture and people, so each and every country totally has my attention from the detail of the buildings, the tastes of the food, and the shows and attractions…it’s seriously a wonderful day for me to spend it in World Showcase.  I think that may be one of the reasons I’m a travel agent…hmmm…

8. STUDIO BACKLOT TOUR at Hollywood Studios

I admit…I’m a sucker for “memories.”  I’m one of THOSE moms who has a hard time throwing away anything my kids have made or anything with a memory attached.  I think that’s why this particular attraction rates so high for me!  I was as giddy as a school girl when I saw the actual costumes from Mary Poppins, the spaceship from “Flight of the Navigator”, artifacts from the Chronicles of Narnia, even things from the best film ever, the Sound of Music!  I could have spent hours in there staring at all they had to offer.


This is truly a memorable show to me.  I had no idea what to expect, but was on the edge of my seat the entire time!  I had no idea that stunt cars were “backwards” for backward driving scenes.  Thinking back, I really felt like I was watching a high action movie – like I was immersed in the movie itself! 

6. EXPEDITION EVEREST at Animal Kingdom

I’m a roller coaster junkie.  I will ride ANY roller coaster that I can.  So, it’s pretty obvious that the next two are in the top 10 list.  Not really much explanation needed!  Oh, except Space Mountain is missing because I still haven’t had the opportunity to ride it!

5. ROCK N ROLLER COASTER at Hollywood Studios

Indoors, upside down, and Aerosmith?  Yup.  Love. 

4. TOWER OF TERROR at Hollywood Studios

It’s not a roller coaster…but it’s better than a roller coaster!  I love the detail walking up to the “hotel”, I love the vintage story of the Twilight Zone, I love the detail in the lobby and the elevators and the basement…and the cast members REALLY play it out WELL!  Ok, so I really love falling in an elevator up and down, too.  🙂 


I love sitting outside the doors for this attraction thinking of jokes to “text” and hoping they will use them in the show.  And THEN I love when they pick on people in the audience, especially “That Guy.”  Oh my word, I always get a good laugh at this…and laughter is SO good for the soul.  That’s why it is #3 on my list.  It’s an amazing feeling sitting by your family and laughing together with Mike Wazowski and Roz (

2. FESTIVAL OF THE LION KING at Animal Kingdom

I loved this show.  I had no idea what to expect when we went to see it in 2012 for the first time. We were seated in the front and from the minute the show began until the end, I was moved to tears from the sheer awesomeness of it all.  The cast members made eye contact and smiled throughout the entire thing.  From the acrobats to the singing, it was simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.


Yes, technically these are two separate events.  Celebrate the Magic is an incredible use of lights to display pictures on the castle as a backdrop along with music and Jiminy Cricket.  It is a jaw-dropping and immense amount of wonder and awe.  Yes, I cry like a baby every. single. time. It always starts 15 minutes before Wishes, and the two really go together hand in hand, which is why I justified having both as my top favorite attraction at Disney World!  It is the best finale to the definition of “magic” for your Walt Disney World experience.

HONORABLE MENTIONS:  These made it into my top “19” list: Dapper Dans!  Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin! Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Splash Mountain! Mission Space! Living with the Land! Star Tours! Carousel of Progress!


I’ve planned so many trips for people and am a firm believer that it’s impossible to do EVERYTHING on a trip…I’ve been 6 times and still haven’t done these!

10. FLIGHTS OF WONDER at Animal Kingdom

This is a “bird” show that I’d love to see next time I’m in “Asia.”

9. DINO-LAND at Animal Kingdom

Somehow we always miss this land…not sure how?  We did ride DINOSAUR in 2008 but nothing else…


How I have seen all of the New Fantasyland but have never even laid eyes on the Barnstormer or Dumbo?  I think that may be a crime…

7. VOYAGE OF THE LITTLE MERMAID at Hollywood Studios

Not sure why we have passed this up every time, either?  I can distinctly recall walking by it more than once every single trip.  This year is THE YEAR we will see it. I promise.  Weird, too since I can sing every word to every single song in the movie.  LOL

6. TOM SAWYER ISLAND at Magic Kingdom

I think it’s the fact that it’s an ISLAND…but we WILL be exploring it this year.

5. FINDING NEMO: THE MUSICAL at Animal Kingdom

Again, how have I not seen this, considering Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Pixar movies?


Hollywood Studios is my favorite Disney Park after Magic Kingdom.  I love the “era” feel in the main areas, and the actors/actresses around every corner.  Most of Hollywood Studios is full of shows that are on a “time” schedule, so it’s also difficult to get to all of them.  I honestly can’t wait to see this show in October, and we WILL be getting a Fast Pass+ for it!

3. ANIMATOR’S ACADEMY at Hollywood Studios

This place is a diamond in the rough.  One of my clients once asked me about this and I had never heard of it, sadly. However, it’s not uncommon to get asked about a destination I know nothing about, so I start researching…and I research my heart out until I am confident about the information filed away in my head…and I found that this is something I HAVE to do…it’s in The Magic of Disney Animation building and features an actual class to learn to draw Disney characters. It’s also a great souvenir, as you get to take it home for FREE!


Oh, here I go again, combining attractions into one.  LOL  Seriously, though, we already bought our Water Parks Fun and More tickets for this October and can’t wait to go to both of these water parks and “gamers paradise” at Downtown Disney!


I think this is on EVERY Disney fanatic’s Top 10 list. It’s expected to open in April, and is a “roller coaster” – so of course I want to try it out!  This one will be awesome, because it will “rock” while going on the track.  Very exciting!


That wraps up today’s Top 10 List!  Be watching for lists from Beverly and Shane coming soon!  And be sure to comment and share.  Thanks!

Meet Beverly Braunsdorf!

My Travel Lobby is growing!  Shortly after starting My Travel Lobby in 2013, Sheila found herself busier than she ever imagined…and busier than she could handle with her other “hats” of life.  In January 2013, she decided to expand her business and hired two wonderful team members to work along side her.


Beverly Braunsdorf with Mickey Mouse!

Sheila met Beverly in September 2013 and almost immediately felt a connection.  Beverly had the same passion for Disney and alot of other similar values and traits.  After communicating almost daily with Beverly, Sheila knew she’d be a wonderful team mate!  Here’s Beverly’s introduction:

My name is Beverly Braunsdorf. My first trip to Walt Disney World was at age 26!  I  am so excited to be working my dream career along side Sheila Nowell!  I specialize in Disney Destinations, which includes Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines, Adventures by Disney, and Au Lani.  I have tons of Disney favorites.  My favorite ride is Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom.  My favorite restaurant (so far) is Akershus in Norway at Epcot.  My favorite show is Beauty and the Beast in Hollywood Studios.  And my favorite meet and greet is meeting Ariel in her grotto in Magic Kingdom because it’s the only place to meet her while she is still a mermaid!

 I am from a tiny town in Georgia famous for Sweet Vidalia Onions.  If you have not guessed it yet, that town in Vidalia, GA!   I was born and raised here in Vidalia, and I love it. Saved by grace as a young child, I am a passionate follower of Jesus! I met my loving husband, Jeremy, at age 17 and married him at 18.  We were baptized on the same day with our families there for us!  I have been blessed with 2 beautiful little girls Chloe (8) and Cadence (7). Every time I look at these beautiful little girls I see the face of God!  I am a simple country girl.  We love our pets from horses to hamsters – we have a heart full! Our family made a choice early on that we would homeschool our children, and we absolutely love it. I spend my weekends crafting. I love to scrapbook, paint and recently while at Animation Academy at Hollywood Studios, I learned that I love to draw, too!  

Beverly is an amazing woman with a sweet and friendly personality and spirit. You can reach her at or by phone at (912) 253-0179. You can also follow her on Facebook at