So, there are 14 Disney Pixar movies out so far. I love every single one of them.  I really do!  Here’s my personal Top 10 Pixar movies list. Enjoy!



I have a bad habit of lumping things together in the Top 10 lists, don’t I?  Well, I love Toy Story movies.  Toy Story 1 was the FIRST Pixar release, and it is what had me “hooked.”  Plus, Toy Story 2 and Toy  Story 3 don’t mean anything without Toy Story 1, right?  I love Toy Story 2 because I LOVE cowboys and anything country. So, even though Jessie is a “girl,” she represents something I would love to be. And Toy Story 3…really?  Who DIDN’T cry at the end of that movie?  Ugh…like, the UGLY cry.


Cars was released in 2006 when my son was 4 1/2…the PERFECT time for a little boy to fall in love with the movie. His love of the movie became my love, too.  We even decorated his room in Cars…and he loved it until he was 7.  Then, he became “too old” for it (in his words) and switched to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.  Oh well…  Cars 2 wasn’t nearly as good…or as memorable…except for Mater and the Wasabi…


Honestly, I had NO clue that Brave was a Pixar movie. LOL!  But I enjoyed the Irish accents throughout, and watch it just to listen to it. LOL


This was such a cute movie!  The hype leading up to it was occurring right as I became a Disney Travel Agent, so I became immersed and “sucked in” with everyone else.  Still, as most “part 2” movies are, it wasn’t as good as the first!


Love love love.  Boo was the cutest little thing ever!  And the idea of monsters being scared to death of a 2 year old little girl is quite ingenious.

5. UP

I admit…the first time I watched this movie, I was so disappointed.  It was so…well…sad, and depressing.  But, 2 years later, we made ourselves watch it again…and LOVED it.  I love the love story, I love Kevin (the bird) and Dug (the dog). I love Carl Frederickson, too, because he stood for his love. He fought to keep what was his.  He is my Pixar hero. 🙂


I can’t say that without saying it like a robot ….waaaaaallll- e.  🙂  I like the nostalgia on Earth, and the love story between Wall-E and Eve (again, Eeeee eeee vaaaaaahhhh). I also like the eye opening reality of where the world could be headed if it stays the way it is…no face to face contact, no physical activity, no “green” space… it’s sad to think of it.


The best super hero movie ever made.  Who cares if it’s a cartoon  Every girl wants to be Elasti-Girl or Violet, and every boy wants to be Mr. Incredible or Dash.  Seriously!  I hope they make a part 2 (did I just say that?) to show off Jack Jack…


Ah…this one is hard to explain.  I love to cook. I love new recipes. I love fine dining. I love that cooking is an “art.”  And I love the french accent (my hubby took 6 years of French…enough said).  This movie feels classy all around, and made me love…dare I say it…rats!?!


Yes…it’s at the top of the list.  The colors and the sound of the ocean make me feel a strange peace every time I watch it.  I can recite this movie almost word for word.  And P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney…it really exists!?!


So, the only movie NOT on this list in some way is A Bug’s Life…and honestly, I have seen it, but only once.  I need to rent it and watch it again soon.  I’m sure it wasn’t a “bad” movie…because the “It’s Tough To Be A Bug” attraction at Disney World is awesome. LOL

What’s your favorite Pixar movie?

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