I did a post recently with my favorite Pixar movies.  That was really easy! I’ve been a fan of Pixar since day 1.  Coming up with my favorite Disney animated films is a little harder, and I just couldn’t leave some off the list…hence 15 instead of 10.  My list below is a good reflection of “me” – a girl born in the late 70s who had a great 80s and 90s childhood.  Enjoy!


So, the movies below (#1-14) were easily on my list. I wanted to have 15, so I scoured my “list” and this is the only one that stuck out for a 15th (although Fantasia 2000 was close).  Peter Pan is a classic.  Which is why I just ordered it from Disney Movie Club.  😉  Plus, I’m a sucker for British accents…


I love history.  I love Indians and hate how they were treated when Americans took over the land. 😦  I’m glad Pocahontas is a Disney princess. Oh, and I love willow trees, so that just adds to the love here!


Stitch is just plain cute. And I love Hawaii.  🙂 And Experiment 626 has a nice ring to it…


Although it was released in 1998, I JUST saw this for the first time in 2013!  I was blown away by how much I LOVED the movie, too!  I’ve watched it twice since then already. 🙂


Such awesome memories watching this in the 80s, and I’m so excited that it’s going to be re-released again this year so I can own it!  Lady is the name I gave my cat…because I wanted a cocker spaniel but am terribly allergic to them. 😦


Another great movie…it goes along with my love of culture…the African safari, the animals in their natural habitat…and the SONGS…love Elton John songs. 😉


A Whole New World was one of the songs in our wedding. 🙂  A great movie about the poor and the rich.  I could do without Jafar becoming an all-powerful sorcerer in the end, though – too devilish for me.


My mom tells me all the time how she took me to see this movie and I cried and cried.  So, I just looked, and it was released in 1981…I would have been 3.  I showed it to my girls for the first time in 2013, and my then-5 year old cried like a baby.  It touched my heart…  That song, “When Your The Best of Friends” is a wonderful song.


I know for  a fact that I was in 6th grade when this movie came out, because our teacher (Mr. Tessendorf) sat on his chair on wheels and went around the classroom singing the soundtrack to us all day long.  Thinking back, I suppose him singing “Kiss The Girl” to a bunch of 6th graders is kind of creepy, but at the time, it was pretty awesome!  LOL I am so happy to own it on Blu Ray now!


Such a cute movie. I love the colors and songs and everything about this movie!  And I guess I can blame her for having a hidden desire to whack someone over the head with a frying pan…  And those lanterns…amazing!


Another iconic movie with beautiful songs in it!  Belle and I have so much in common…book worms, family importance, and doing what is right…yup, I’m Belle in a commoner’s body.  I took a “Which Disney Princess Are You?” Quiz lately, and it confirmed it.


These all came out when my youngest was 18 months and we were at Disney World for her first time.  We bought the movie AT Disney!  I love all of the subsequent ones that have come out, too.  The Fairies of Pixie Hollow are beautiful little creatures full of life and color!


I LOVED this movie, and I believe Tiana is my favorite princess right now (although Anna from Frozen is pretty close!).  I’ve been to the bayou of Louisiana for the wedding of my husband’s cousin, and her Cajun LA roots are now here in town with us.  In fact, they lived with us for a few months, so we really got immersed in the accent and the food!  In addition, our family of 5 has stayed at Port Orleans Riverside at Disney twice now, and we have really taken a liking to the view.  🙂  I love how that hard-working girl achieves her dreams!


I’m bad. And that’s good. And I’ll never be good. And that’s not bad.  LOL  This movie is full of memories of old video games, and full of BEAUTIFUL colors and that sweet little girl, Venelope Von Schweetz.


What can I say?  It was a wonderful movie, and I just can’t let it go.  I think they may have modeled Anna off of me without me knowing it.  Right down to the freckles…she’s amazing!


My goal for my upcoming Disney trip is to get the autographs of as many of the characters above as possible…an impossible feat, I’m sure. 🙂   I realize Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland didn’t make the list.  I actually kind of thought about putting Cinderella in #15…. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

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