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Beverly’s TOP 10 Queue Lines at Walt Disney World!

Hey guys, its Beverly again!!


I am sitting down today to make this Top 10 list I have been writing in my brain available to you… lol!!

So, I get it –  lines suck.  But lines are just something that you have to get used to at WDW.  Everything has a line, right down to the bathroom. So on to the list!

10. Be our Guest…ok, so, I get it…this is not exactly a ride, so I put it last.  This line is SOOO COOL and the stained glass window is beautiful!!!

9. Rock N’ Roller Coaster- This one is really cool and has lots of really cool Aerosmith themed elements.

8. Splash Mountain- So, this is my favorite ride, so I know this line pretty good… there are 2 great things about this line: One or two water fountains along the line and AC once you get inside (only about half the line is inside)

7. Toy Story Mid-Way Mania- ok so the line is pretty cool it is themed all the way but my favorite part is that is it inside and air conditioned it is always a FOREVER LONG line and a million degrees in HS

6. Ariel’s Grotto (Meet & Greet) – This line is cool! It looks like Ariel’s actual grotto… gizmos and gadgets everywhere… and it is mostly inside!

5. Mission Space- This makes you feel like you are really going to blast off!!! I really like the line for Mission Space.

4. Expedition Everest- this line is a cool for 2 reasons…one, it is themed so well to match the ride, and two, it’s inside and possibly air-conditioned (I cannot remember lol).

3. Test Track – I like this wait line… it has a lot of prototype cars and screens to see lots of things coming to the automobile industry.

2. Space Mountain- This line is really cool for the kids… it has games that they can play while you wait, so it really helps the wait time not feel so long.

1. Enchanted Tales with Belle- This is my FAVORITE wait line… Disclaimer: the outside line is just a line (lol)… but once you get inside, man oh man!! You get to see inside Belle’s home, see her father’s workshop, and then meet the wardrobe! BEST LINE EVER!


That’s it!  Are there any I missed?  Comment here or on my Facebook page,