Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does My Travel Lobby charge to help me with my Vacation?
A. In most cases, absolutely NOTHING.  Our services are free.  Our agency has partnered with Disney and many other vacation suppliers to allow us to plan your memorable vacations at no cost to you.  Planning your vacation will not cost you any more than if you booked it yourself, and most often we can save you money.  And best of all, you will receive outstanding customer service.  The fine print?  Airlines do not pay commission, so if you require air transportation that is not booked with a vacation package, you may be asked to pay a $25 per person service fee for this service.  In addition, on RARE occasions, if you request detailed travel itineraries and planning services for a small vacation package, your agent may discuss additional payment with you before proceeding. However, we must stress that this is RARE.  Think of it this way…if your agent is only earning a $20 commission on a package, but is working 10 hours on an itinerary for you, that means they are only earning $2 per hour.  Most of the time, we are happy to earn a little less on a few in order to have happy customers who will return and refer their friends, but if the details are crazy difficult, that’s when we have to sit back and assess the situation.  🙂

Q. What if I received a discount directly from Disney or other supplier?
A. Sometimes our customers will receive a discount PIN code directly from Disney. All you need to do is contact us via email or phone call and we will apply the code directly to your new or existing reservation.  For other suppliers, it will depend on if the discount is valid with travel agents. Each of those will be communicated to you on a case by case basis.

Q. Why should I book with you and not through Disney directly?
A. Our job is to provide you with the best vacation we are able to at the best available price.  Our agents are on top of all the countless changes happening at Disney, including My Magic+, FastPass+, Magic Bands, and more. Together, we have spent many, many hours learning through the College of Disney Knowledge Courses, other supplier courses, on-site trainings, and our own personal family vacations and experiences.  We know and LOVE Disney.  We have traveled there with our families. We have flown to Orlando International Airport. We have purchased the Magic your Way packages with the Dining Plans and have made it a point to try different restaurants and shops at every visit . Our expertise in Disney Knowledge is from personal experience and from hours and hours of scouring forums, reviews, and friends’ recommendations.  The average family will spend countless precious hours planning their Disney Vacation. When you book with us, we will help take all of the stress and hassle away by making sure you have the best plan, best price, the best dining reservations and the best time at Disney or anywhere you desire to travel! Booking through My Travel Lobby also allows you to speak with the same Disney vacation planner every time you have a question or concern. You can directly book a similar or same package with Disney, but you will talk to a different person every time you call with a question. Once you call one of our agents, you know you will receive personalized service since we will personally get to know so much about your personal dreams and desires for your vacation!

Q. If I book with you, can I still book my own dining reservations or other special events?
A. Absolutely! You are definitely welcome to book your own dining reservations or tickets to other events such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Marathons, etc.  However, we can save you time by doing all the searching and booking for you, and providing you with the information you need to add them to your itinerary.  We can also notate any allergies to your dining plans.  We are MORE than happy to help you with ideas of places to eat based on the types of foods you prefer and on our own personal experiences, as well.

Q. What accreditation does your agency hold?
A. Currently, we are home-based agents and our host agency is Magical Moments Vacations (MMV).  MMV is based in NW Ohio, with agents located across the US, and beyond. We are accredited with both IATA and CLIA, members of NACTA (National Association of Career Travel Agents) and part of the Travel Consortium. We are an Earmarked Agency with the Disney Travel Company and Authorized Disney Vacation Planners.

Q. I already have a reservation. Can you still help me?
A. If you booked directly with Disney, we are still able to help you with your Disney Vacation as long as 1) You booked within the last 30 days and 2) your vacation isn’t paid in full. Simply complete this FORM that lets Disney know that we are handling the reservation. We will then look over your existing reservation to make sure you are getting the best deal for your vacation, and then continue to monitor the price and apply any discounts as they become available.  ***Be sure to indicate SHEILA NOWELL on the form.  As manager of My Travel Lobby, Sheila will pass the form on to Beverly or Shane, or handle herself. If you are requesting a specific agent, just let us know!

Q. Can you help me if I booked with another “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner”?
A. If you are not happy with your current vacation planner, we highly suggest you speak with them about your concerns. Travel agents spend ALOT of time on planning your vacations and truly desire to give you the most memorable trips. When you pull your reservation from an agent, they will not be paid for all the numerous hours they have already put in to planning your trip.  Because of this, we won’t ever take a reservation from another agent. Please let us know if you have concerns about this.

Q. What happens if I have to cancel/change my reservation?
A. Your reservation will be made directly with Disney and other suppliers, so their refund and cancellation policies will apply. However, we do not charge any cancellation fees for our services.

Q. What are your office hours?
A. Working from home makes it very difficult to maintain a work-life balance. However, we want to be available to my clients when we’re needed.  You can be assured that we are very organized and detail-oriented people.  If your reservation is within the 180 day window for making dining reservations, you can be assured that we will be up and making reservations as soon as the 6:00 am EST window is open.  If there is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed because you are leaving for vacation in 48 hours, you can be assured that we will be handling it no matter what time it is.  If there is a limited-time discount/deal available that you qualify for, you can be assured that we will be working on it early in the morning.  However, if it’s a non-urgent matter, such as a simple question about transportation, amenities, itineraries, etc., we will do our best to answer your email within 12 hours of receiving it (although it’s usually pretty quickly because we are the type of people who don’t like to let things pile up undone…). If you call us and get our voice mail, we will strive to return messages within 4 hours.  IF your call or email is of urgent matter, you can contact any of the My Travel Lobby agents for assistance.  Our contact information is on the Contact Us page.

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